Andrew Silley Independent Utility Consultant

Arden, New Yatt Road
North Leigh
OX29 6TL

What I Do:-  

provide clients with a winning formula for energy procurement, energy management and reducing consumption.

I will help you succeed - and exceed your expectations!

Whatever the size of your energy needs I will.....
  • cut through the complexities of the energy market
  • secure the best prices available (with massive buying power and access to all the market’s energy suppliers)
  • validate bills and deal with disputes
  • work with you to find solutions to reduce your consumption  
  • recover overpaid VAT and Climate Change Levy (CCL) for charities

I’m not necessarily looking to move you from your current supplier, just to secure you a more competitive rate - and this service is offered free of charge.

Why Choose Andrew?

I bring...

  • honesty, integrity and transparency
  • expertise with a human touch
  • personal service

I understand no two clients are alike; I will work to understand your energy needs and provide solutions as unique as my customers