Andrew Silley Independent Utility Consultant

Arden, New Yatt Road
North Leigh
OX29 6TL

  • Increasing energy bills?
  • Looking to save money? 
  • Out of contract?
  • Paying CCL and/or incorrect rate VAT?
  • Time to consider new strategies for energy buying?

Andrew Silley can help!

Andrew has served as the church warden of an Anglican Church and is trustee of a charity; he understands the needs of churches and charities.

"I will review your bills to see if you’re owed money; if you are I'll recover it for you.  I've recovered £thousands of overcharged VAT and climate change levy (CCL) for charities – without charge!!"

As an energy professional who understands the complexities of the industry I will review your expenditure and help you make savings. There’s really nothing for you to do other than decide if you want to save on your bills! - And there's no charge for my services.

"Churches and charities I work with have saved 5% - 56% on energy bills!"

Don’t wait until the end of your contract – it will be too late! Call me now.  Silley

I’m so confident of finding you the best deal, I guarantee to beat the renewal offer of your current supplier (as detailed in your initial renewal offer letter) or I will make a donation of £75 to the charity of your choice.

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